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Zombie Date Night #1

Zombie Date Night #1

Steve Urena words

Sergi Domènech art

Joshua Jensen colors

Anthony Rella letters

Allegra Calderaro editor

Feeling lonely? Slightly ravenous? Starving for brains? Peep the solicit:

Boy matches with girl.

Girl meets up with boy for a first date.

Boy and girl face a ZOMBIE INVASION!

From the messed up brain of Steve Urena, the guy who brought you fast killer sloths, (Slow Pokes) comes a horror-comedy that is full of zombies, romance, and even a grandmother fighting off a horde of zombies with a chancleta!

“We can all agree that Blake is an idiot.”

The Blake of Zombie Date Night may be an idiot, but the Blake of Blake’s Buzz likes to think I know a great comic when I read one. Folks, Zombie Date Night is that great comic.

I was recently told that calling a comic fun is like calling someone cute. It may not convey the message we want. So, here goes nothing: Zombie Date Night is the spell-binding smoke-show of everything great I ever wanted in a zombie comic. It’s got laughs. It’s got romance. It’s got chainsaw legs and creepy, undeserving exes that, by the grace of the dark gods, get what they fucking deserve. It’s got live grenades and piss jars. It’s got goofy, first-date awkwardness and wonderful friends that have your back.

It’s got a little bit of everything, but most importantly, it’s jam-packed with heart. There’s a lot of love and inspiration and charm within this narrative, and Steve Urena is able to harness it all into a wildly unique spin on the zombie outbreak trope. You think you know zombie tales, but you don’t know Urena’s. This one is different. It’s special.

What makes it special? The characters.

Urena has created a cast of easily accessible and relatable people. You fall in love with everyone in 30 pages. You mourn for their losses. You lust for revenge. Then, quite geniusly, you remember every weird or lame date you’ve ever been on thanks to the emotional accuracy embedded within Jack and Ginger.

Urena ecompasses everything weird about the online dating culture. The profile fabrications. The stretching of truths. Photo filters and false advertisements. Pre-date jitters. The terrifying realization that you might be blowing yet another date. That hesitancy to find your groove and be yourself. All of this is put so clearly on display within these 30 pages, and on top of that you get a ridiculous zombie outbreak with gratuitous gore and one-liners producing deep chuckles that roll out from your belly.

It’s very good. So is the art.

Sergi Domènech is a rockstar. Every page is an absolute delight, and you find yourself lusting over its attention to detail. Character designs are wonderful. Fear, physical humor, enamoration, these all show up vividly within the faces and physicalities of each and every character. It’s what helps them feel real and lures us, the readers, into their graces.

Joshua Jensen colors this wonderful, horde-filled venture at the same level. Each page is vibrant and alive with color. It’s not the murky-toned normative zombie bout of which you’re familiar. There aren’t tons of blindingly dark panels littered with grim and despair. No. Jensen lights it up. Every page is an explosion of color and wonder highlighting the epic linework of Domènech. These two artists are on the same wavelength, and Urena has harnessed some type of hive mind with his outrageous script. It all comes together like a spell brewed from a witch’s caldron.

The final ingredient is some truly excellent lettering by Anthony Rella. Sound effects and dialog are wonderful. Nothing is placed incorrectly on the page. Nothing hinders the varying layouts. Rella’s strong work pays off, and his inclusion in this comic rounds out the stellar package fans of horror must get into their blood-encrusted hands.

A while back, I interviewed Steve Urena (Blake’s Buzz episode 1 here). He joked about being the sloth guy forever. A slight tone hinted to a truth in which he thought he’d trapped himself within a micro-niche of horror due to his initial Kickstarter success with Slowpokes. Folks, I’m here to give you the Blake’s Buzz guarantee that Steve Urena isn’t just the sloth guy. He’s not even the zombie guy. He’s a great talent in comics that you need to keep both eyes on.

If you missed the campaign for Zombie Date Night, head over to Gumroad and drop the three bucks for this excellent comic. It is so incredibly worth it. Click here to snag it up.

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