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Matt Mair Lowery’s Thoughtscape Comics

Matt Mair Lowery’s Thoughtscape Comics #1

Matt Mair Lowery words

Dave Law art

Tyrell Cannon art

Lisa Naffziger art

Karl Slominski art

John Larsen graphic designer

Is the timeless ache of thought and memory weighing you down? Has the endless frontier of space and time become boring and monotonous? Well, friends, peep the solicit:

ThoughtScape Comics is an anthology series serving up sci-fi action, thrills and chills in the tradition of 2000 AD, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

Anything is possible in these taut tales of trauma and transformation, of people pushed past their limits by the gods and monsters they meet - or become - at the edges of reality.

I love science fiction, and Matt Mair Lowery has reminded me why I love it so freaking much with Thoughtscape Comics, a deeply imaginative romp through the cosmos. With every page turn, you’re taken some place far from your reading nook. It’s transformative. It’s wild. It’s an easy pill to swallow that will leave your body blanketed in the warm alienness of great literature.

It’s beautiful.

The amount of passion put into these 40-something pages is staggering. The table of contents presented like a letter to a new astronaut about to embark on the unknowns of space travel is a wonderful way to orient the reader. It lets you know you’re about to boldly go where no nerd has gone before.

Each short is epically realized. These are unique tales that spread across the wonders of space and time. You hop from one to the next like an eager, alien space frog traveling from lilly pad to lily pad. With every hop, you’re dropped into a new world, each so incredible, you’re hesitant to leap again. You want to stay and explore, but Thoughtscape propels you into the unknown. It’s a continuous nudge that readers will come to appreciate.

Thoughtscape Comics is a kaleidoscopic mind fuck. It teases you. It gives you glimpses of abhumanness and drops unknown entities into your peripheral vision. It leaves you with enough information to formulate ideas and ask questions of the worlds Lowery has geniusly created. The one-shots work incredibly well. The ongoing shorts fill you with excitement for the following issues, and, good news, folks, we’ll be getting more issues!

Right now, you can click here to go buy Thoughtscape Comics #1. It’s well worth the price of admission, and the astounding cover by Jenna Cha is worth a spot in your collection. The supply is limited, so don’t sleep on this.

The one-shot is bound like a trade paperback, and it’s a delight to hold and turn its pages. The colors look amazing. All the art is astounding. The futuristic advertisements are a nice touch, and Blake’s Buzz appreciates all the extra effort. This isn’t just a science fiction anthology; no, it’s a love affair with the genre.

The following Kickstarter campaign will seek to fund the next 3 issues, and it will run from January 3rd 2022 to February 3rd 2022. The issues will release on a quarterly basis beginning in June of 2022. You can sign up to be notified here.

Issues 2, 3 and 4 of ThoughtScape Comics will include collaborations and/or art from:

Dave Law (The Space Odditorium, Wolf Punks, Wrong Magnetic Poles)

Karl Slominski (Cult of Icarus, Evermore Falls)

Tyrell Cannon (Beef Bros, ERIS, IDKFA)

Jacob Edgar (DC Comics, Dark Horse, Metal Hurlant, IDW, Dynamite) with Lesley Atlansky (Short Order Crooks, Amazing World of Gumball)

Lane Lloyd (God-Puncher)

Jeremy Brooks (Radd Tuffman) with Marcus Cripps

Luke Horsman (Oathbound, 2000 AD)

George Pendle (Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons)


And more...

Trust in Blake’s Buzz: this is a wealth of genre fiction greatness you will regret not reading. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s what some other people have to say about it:

"A beautifully designed high-concept cornucopia, full of playful layouts and innovative art."

- Liam Sharp

"ThoughtScape Comics is the quintessential, beautifully packaged and expertly made serialized sci-fi anthology that comics needs right now."

- Liana Kangas

“A brilliant and beautiful distillation of the best things in both sci fi short stories and comics! ThoughtScape Comics is as captivating as it is haunting..."

- Ryan K Lindsay

Now, peep some gorgeous art from the second issue.

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