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By the Horns #7

By the Horns #7

Markisan Naso words

Jason Muhr art, letters & unicorn namer

Andrei Tabacaru colors

From Scout Comics

It’s getting chilly. Get out of the snow and under some heat lamps. Quit your shivering and peep the solicit:

Stranded in the northern tundra of Ataraxy after narrowly escaping death, a weary Elodie and her team travel toward the Arctic Sleep to face the sorceress, Feng Po. But are they already too late to stop her from stealing all the magic on the continent?

I just need to take a moment and freak out because there is only one more issue left of this excellent series! Yes, it’s coming back, thank the gods and sorcerers, but it’s going to be a long wait. Also, I won’t lie, I’m beyond terrified of what will come in the final issue. I have a leering suspicion that not everyone will make it out alive. The confrontation with Feng Po is going to have serious consequences.

It also doesn’t help that the writer, Markisan Naso, told me to have a box of tissues ready.

What does that mean?

I may be too attached to this wonderful comic, but that’s OK. Maybe. I live my life one unhealthy relationship at a time.

I suppose I should review this comic…

It’s great. It’s great like all six previous issues were great. This creative team can do no wrong. They’ve fused together into a divine, oracle-like comic creating deity. Markisan Naso, Jason Muhr, and Andrei Tabacaru, the new nerdy trinity.

Blasphemy aside, these talented gentlemen have carved a wondrous journey that will mark their readers like a fresh tattoo, and it’s a badass tattoo. One of which passersby will be jealous, even those with unmarked flesh.

I love this strange world where magic is both endearing and completely dangerous. It’s easily manipulated, malleable to all the wrong forces. Naso is great at communicating this through his scripts. As many wonders we, the readers, have come across, there are an equal amount of dangers. Our favorite characters could easily take the wrong step and, well…

I don’t even want to think about that!

Jason Muhr continues to up his game with every new issue. The fantastical imagery both he and Andrei Tabacaru are able to produce within these pages is, of late, some of the best comicbook’ing I’ve seen.

Muhr’s linework is intensely detailed and fully realized, and Tabacaru’s colors are truly awe-inspiring. Both of these creators are able to metastasize the deeply-rooted emotions that Naso pens within the scripts, and the end results are like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s a unique blend of sci-fantasy.

Magics and blasters.

Varied beings and locales.

An adventure in every sense of the word.

I’ve been screaming it from every rooftop I can find, but By The Horns is an amazing piece of literature. It’s totally a contender for best of lists now that the year is approaching its end, and Scout was incredibly smart to contractually snag these guys for more issues.

The wait for eight is upon us. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m already a little sad. Most importantly, I am continually impressed by the truly epic work of this creative team, and for fans of the podcast, I’m already talking to Markisan Naso about coming back on for a ridiculously long power-talk full of spoilers, recaps, and behind the scenes shenanigans!

Get excited.

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