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BUZZSTARTER: Blam & Glam #1-3

Blam & Glam #1-3

Richard Morgan words, art & letters

Released via Kickstarter

Memory feeling a little hazy? Has the futuristic world around you been consumed by techno-demons? Well, friend, you best peep this solicit!

'What if you woke up with amnesia' is a question I always wanted to explore in a story. What if you were thrown in at the deep end, would you sink or swim in a crazy world? This lies at the heart of my Blam & Glam comic. So buckle up for one heck of a ride…

Blam & Glam ™ is a full colour, digitally painted ADULT comic book. Set in an alternative 2020/2021, spinning the pandemic of the last 18 months and re-imagining it with a sci-fi/horror spin – Demonic Mecha machines have taken over the world. This is the third chapter of that story in an 8 issue story arc.

Crowdfunding has turned into something that is both very close to my heart and very essential to what I do here at Blake’s Buzz. I’ve met some really great and extremely talented people within the indie comics community, and I’ve fully enjoyed spreading the good word on the projects they release.

Folks, let me tell you: one of the coolest, most stylistic comics I’ve come across lately is Richard Morgan’s Blam & Glam!

Blam & Glam is sexy. From its covers to its wild, painted interiors, there’s no way of hiding the fact that this voluptuous protagonist is scantily clad, stacked and fit to the max, but she’s also more than that!

She’s a futuristic hero and she’s compelled to do the right thing, no matter how risky and violent, even though she’s lost all her memories. I really dig this aspect to Blam & Glam. The protagonist doesn’t even know her own name, but she knows she’s got to help fight for this dark and gloomy world. She’s striving to bring some gloss into its gritty depths by effortlessly backflipping between the panels and executing demonic robots without ever breaking a sweat.

Trust in Blake’s Buzz, this is a wild ride, and it’s one you should strap in and enjoy.

I’ve read the first two issues, and the third’s campaign is about to wrap up in a couple of days. I really encourage our readers and listeners to check out Richard Morgan’s sci-fi epic. It’s got Atomic Blonde and Aeon Flux vibes for days, but it always retains its own identity. The world feels like the dust-covered territories of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep but with less hope and more demons. It’s bleak as fuck, but I get all kinds of excited to ruffle through these pages.

Does it sound intense? It is. And it’s intense in all the best ways that make for great comicbooking! Click here to check out the campaign page. You can get a little taste of Richard’s gorgeous interior work.

He’s also got some incredible variants as you can see below...

There's also rare store exclusive variants for issues #1 and #2 you can find on AOD Collectibles' eBay storefront here and here.

I know you’re probably thirsty, so go get some water and then head to Kickstarter!

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